Smith Family Farm meat orders are taken year-round and filled on a first-come first-served basis, according to our processing schedule and availability. Order early for optimum availability. Placing orders in advance will help to reserve the delivery date(s) of your choice.

Deposits are required on all meat packages.

Individual cuts are available in our farm store, open Monday-Saturday, 9-5, or by appointment.


Prices are based on hanging weight for whole and half animals. A whole beef runs around 500 to 700 lbs, a half beef weighs 250-350 lbs before trimming and cutting-priced at $6/lb. Whole pigs run 150-200 lbs, half pigs between 75-100 lbs- priced at $5/lb. The cost of curing hams and bacon is additional. Final prices will be based on the actual weight of the animal you receive. Animals will be cut to your specifications. 

Whole Beef – $3,000-4,200
Half Beef – $1,500-2,100

* NEW* Quarter Beef – priced at $6.75/lb based on the hang weight $843-1,182

Whole Pig – $750-1,000
Half Pig – $375-500

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To facilitate the cutting of whole and half beef orders at the processing plant, and to assist you in obtaining the cuts of meat you would like, please fill out our Beef Cut Sheet online or download a pdf here and mail it to us. After your deposit has been received and your order confirmed, Harvey will review and finalize your cut sheet with you before your half or whole beef is processed.


Chickens average 4-6 lbs each, and can be purchased in the farm store (according to availability) or by special order. We raise several batches per year during the spring, summer and fall, and are happy to grow the number of birds you would like. Chickens sell for $6 per lb, running $22-33 for a 4-6 lb. bird. A deposit of $5 per chicken is required.

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Final prices of meat packages will be based on actual weight of the individual cuts included, as each will vary slightly. Customized meat packs are also available.

Sampler Pack – $191
Beef: Sirloin steak- 4 lbs; Ground beef-5 lbs; Rump roast- 5 lbs.
Pork: Ground pork- 5 lbs; Maple sugar-cured hickory smoked ham- 2 lbs; Bacon- 1 lb.
Chicken: One 5 lb. bird

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Grill Pack – $209
Ground beef- 10 lbs.
Beef short ribs- 5 lbs.
Kabobs- 5 lbs.
Country-style pork ribs- 5 lbs.
Pork chops- 5 lbs.

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Slow-Cooker Pack – $208
Beef pot roast- 5 lbs.
Beef brisket- 5 lbs.
Beef stew meat- 5 lbs.
Beef short ribs- 5 lbs.
Beef soup shanks- 5 lbs.
Pork county-style ribs- 5 lbs.

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Breakfast Pack – $130
Maple sugar-cured hickory smoked bacon- 5 lbs.
Pork sausage- 5 lbs.
Sweet Italian sausage- 5 lbs.

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Economy Pack – $159
Ground beef- 10 lbs.
Beef stew meat- 5 lbs.
Cube steaks- 5 lbs.
Beef soup shanks- 5 lbs.

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25 lb Ground Beef Pack – $157.50

25 lb Sausage Bundle – $191.25  (a mixture of flavors)

10 lb Beef Pattie Bundle – $72

At our farm location you can also purchase by the cuts, our beef price list is here.

Please Note:

  • Heart, liver, tongue and bones are available to order to to add on. Just let Harvey or AnnaJo know when they call to confirm your order.
  • Exact weights will depend on the size of the individual cuts included in your package.
  • Contents are subject to change depending on availability, any changes would be discussed with you in advance.